Resurrect Church Movement

To transform the North American church, Jesus' Economy has launched Resurrect Church Movement: a group of missionaries equipping the North American church to alleviate poverty and provide access to the gospel.

Missionaries Equipping Your Church

Resurrect Church Movement provides the temporary, skilled labor your church needs. We evaluate the spiritual and physical needs of your region and build a custom plan that empowers your church to meet those needs. We then implement that plan, and leave when the basics are in place—that will usually take six months. Each plan includes starting a house church network, initiating community development programs, creating an ongoing mentorship program for believers, and establishing effective missions overseas.

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The Resurrect Church Movement Model

Reach new people with the gospel via house-church networks.

Alleviate poverty through effective community development efforts.

Empower people to live for Jesus via mentorship programs.

Connect your church to indigenous missionaries who are bringing the gospel to unreached people groups.

Provide your church with temporary missionaries to make all this happen; then hand if off to local leadership.

Resurrect Church Movement is a division of Jesus' Economy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Let's explore ways to collaborate. Contact John D. Barry, CEO of Jesus' Economy.

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