Volunteer as a Photographer: Create Jobs for the Impoverished

Every photographer hopes their work will inspire global change. With Jesus' Economy you can do just that. You can inspire people to become part of a better story, one of fair trade. You can be a vital part of creating jobs for people overcoming extreme poverty. Through shooting fair trade product photos for Jesus' Economy, you will inspire people to buy handmade, artisan goods. You will help fuel the fair trade platform of JesusEconomy.org, which is creating hundreds of jobs each year. Let's create a better world together.

You may be the right candidate, if you:

  • Are skilled at creating beautiful photos
  • Know how to shoot product photography, both with a white background and with models
  • Enjoying recruiting friends and family members to be models in your photo shoots
  • Interested in sustainable economic development and fair trade
  • Believe in the principles behind Jesus' Economy
  • Looking to expand your portfolio while helping a cause that truly matters.

    Volunteer remotely. This is a remote position; our entire team works remotely. You can make the world a better place from behind your computer. The average volunteer staff member gives four to eight hours per week to Jesus' Economy. We invest seriously in the personal and career growth of each member of our team.

    About our media team. Jesus' Economy works with a top infographic and design firm to develop our content, branding, and style. Behind all that we do is a passion for quality publishing. Our CEO is the Editor of Faithlife Study Bible and Lexham Bible Dictionary, and the author or editor of over 30 books. He formerly served as the founding Publisher of Lexham Press and as the editor-in-chief of the 100,000-circulation Bible Study Magazine, a publication he launched. You will be joining leaders in their field who develop content for Jesus' Economy because they want to make the world a better place. Jesus' Economy is an all-volunteer team, including our executives.

    About our organization. Jesus' Economy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to creating jobs and churches in the developing world. We empower developing world leaders to renew their communities, both spiritually and physically. In each community, we offer church grants, microloans, and meet basic needs. 100% goes to the developing world. To fuel the movement and job creation, we also provide an online Fair Trade Shop.

    Interested in this opportunity? Drop us a line below or email us at info@jesuseconomy.org.