Volunteer Your Skills with Jesus' Economy

Perhaps you don't have the time to commit to an internship, apprenticeship, or volunteer staff position but still want to help. We have some volunteers who only help out as they can and that's great too.

The old adage, "many hands make light work" is true. We see this everyday at Jesus' Economy. Think of it this way: If you volunteer two hours per week, you will contribute the equivalent of over two, 40-hour work weeks per year. With Jesus' Economy your efforts will directly transform lives, by fueling the movement of creating jobs and churches for the impoverished and unreached.

Your Volunteer Hours Can Transform Lives

We're currently looking for people to be general volunteers in the following areas:

  • helping maintain the secretarial books of Jesus' Economy for the Board of Directors
  • researching and creating key databases of opportunities for Jesus' Economy
  • updating inventory numbers for our Fair Trade Shop
  • writing product copy for our Fair Trade Shop
  • and editing product photos for our Fair Trade Shop.

You can also feel free to let us know what you're interested in, and share your skill set, and we will see if we have an applicable area for you to volunteer.

Interested in Joining us as a Volunteer?

Drop us a note below or email at info@jesuseconomy.org.