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We have a desire to use the gifts God has given us to serve those in need; it is not only a desire, but also a command of Jesus. We feel deeply convicted to empower women living in one of the most impoverished places in the world: Bihar, India. We're helping women obtain business training so they can expand their skills, which will in turn help them support themselves and their families.

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Every last dollar donated via this page will be spent exclusively on business training in Bihar. This is the guarantee of our partner Jesus' Economy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit working to Renew Bihar, India. Jesus' Economy is helping graduates of a sewing school learn to make products for a western market—as well as learn business basics and ethical business practices. You're partnering with us to fund this training.


By partnering with us, you can empower a woman in Bihar, India to lift her family out of poverty. Each female entrepreneur will provide a sustainable income for her family, which means that all together about 40 people will be lifted out of poverty via our efforts. Our $2,400 goal represents the approximate cost of 13 women receiving business training. This includes the cost of the women's food and travel during the training, as well as an honorarium to replace their usual earnings while they learn a new skill. It also covers the relative cost of the product-development trainer as well as equipment and materials.

About Us and Our Project

The Team
  • Charlotte Van Werven
  • Ian Ussery
  • Sophia Haugen
  • Mariah Arizmendi
  • Lauren Kessel
Origins of the Project
  • Created for a "Feminism and the Bible" course
  • Initiated by Corban students
  • Became a passion to renew homes via business training


    Business training will teach women in Bihar how to expand their fledgling businesses. The training occurs in two phases. First, an outside trainer—who will donate their time and cover their own travel expenses—offers a one-week training session on how to: go through a product development cycle; manage employees; handle accounting; and run an ethical, fair trade business.

    In the second phase of training, an indigenous, highly-skilled trainer will offer hands-on product development training. This trainer offers a two-week training session that guides the women through their own product development cycle and teaches further business ethics. The product development trainer will also be available for an additional 10 weeks, to offer free consulting to the women, especially regarding quality assurance and control. By the end of the training, the women are equipped to sell high-quality products locally and on the western market. They will have moved from being tailors and seamstresses to running a full company that sells products internationally.

    Separately, Jesus' Economy is raising funds for an additional 27 women to go through the same training. In addition, Jesus' Economy plans to offer microloans to the women, so they may quickly expand their businesses. Jesus' Economy will then change the economic paradigm by becoming the guaranteed buyer of the products the women are trained to create; Jesus' Economy will sell these products via their fair trade shop. Furthermore, Jesus' Economy sponsored church planters and their partner organization will offer support and accountability to the new businesses, ensuring an ongoing healthy business environment.

    The situation in Bihar is dire and this is how we can sustainably do something about it.

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