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Church Planting Changes Lives

Every year, thousands of people have the opportunity to hear the name of Jesus for the first time in Bihar, India. They hear this good news through the preaching of locally-trained indigenous pastors, who travel through Bihar and spread the gospel. Each church planter visits hundreds of people every year. They set up house church ministries, distribute bibles, and host evangelistic outreach programs. They do all this on a salary of only $7,300 per year.  

Help Me Spread the Gospel in Bihar

For my birthday on May 29th, partner with me to bring the gospel to the people of Bihar, India. For one year, at $7,300 per planter, we can reach thousands for Jesus. This money provides each planter with a living stipend and travel compensation.  

Skip getting me a gift, donate to church planting instead. 

Meet the Pastors

Jesus' Economy partners with four indigenous church planters from Bihar, India: Santhosh, Veer, Rahul, and Advik. Most of them have wives and children. They often travel to four or five villages in the span of several weeks. It is difficult for their churches to be able to support them financially since they are serving the poorest of the poor (including the 'untouchable' caste). Our goal for these men is to provide them with additional sound biblical training, administrative and bookkeeping support, transportation in the form of a bicycle or train tickets, food and lodging. We can do all this for just $7,300 per planter, per year. 


100% of Your Donation Goes to Church Planting in Bihar

Jesus' Economy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization, sends every single dollar you donate exactly where you designate. If you give $33 to church planting, your full $33 goes to church planting in the developing world and will be used only for that purpose. Jesus' Economy raises U.S. costs separately from developing world projects.

Jesus' Economy creates jobs and churches in the developing world. In each community they serve, they offer church grants, microloans, and meet basic needs. Birthday dedications like this one are an effective way to accomplish this mission.

Thank you for partnering with me to provide clean water. This is a great birthday present!

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