Give David Miles a Birthday Gift: Donate to Microloans

  • Friends and family, I am now 30, and as I embark upon my 30s, I want to do something that is both special and significant. Moreover, I would love to be able to do this with you, the people that mean the most to me.


    So for my 30th birthday, it is my wish to raise at least $3,000 in 30 days. This money will go towards microloans for entrepreneurs in developing nations (see the next tab or here).


    If you are willing and able to support this wonderful cause, it would be a great birthday blessing to me and even more so to the business owners who will receive the loans.


    It's great doing life with all of you!


    In God's Firm Grip,


  • Microloans are one of the most effective ways to create jobs in the developing world. In addition to offering microloans, at the end of a loan cycle, Jesus' Economy becomes the guaranteed buyer of the products being developed. Jesus' Economy then resells the products right here on to raise funds for life transformation around the world.


    A microloan is a very small loan, usually $500 to $1,000. With these funds, an entrepreneur can expand their business by buying new equipment or funding the development of a new product.


    Those who receive Jesus' Economy microloans are lifting their families out of poverty and working to create more jobs by employing others. Jesus' Economy also ensures that all products are fair trade, meaning that entrepreneurs, and their employees, are paid good wages for the region they live in.


    Collectively, this effort helps to economically transform a region. And it all starts with the microloan you're helping to provide. Soon, Jesus' Economy will tell the world about their first microloan initiative, once the final details are worked out.
  • Jesus' Economy creates jobs and churches in the developing world, as well as meets basic needs—resulting in a new global, spiritual and physical economy for those that need it most. As a a non-profit charitable organization, which lives by principles, Jesus' Economy provides an online fair trade store and initiates holistic regional transformation projects. Learn more about Jesus' Economy here.


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