Give John D. Barry a Birthday Gift: Donate to Holistic Regional Transformation

  • Friends, family, and all you other awesome people,


    I am thrilled to be journeying with you all in the effort to create a new physical and spiritual economy for those that need it most. Rather than get me a gift this birthday, on October 24th, please consider donating to holistic regional transformation in the developing world. One hundred percent of what you donate will create jobs, churches, and meet basic needs in the developing world.


    Thank you for your gifts, prayer, and support.

    CEO, President, and Founder of Jesus' Economy

  • The journey of Jesus' Economy began in May 2012, when God showed up in the middle of the night with a vision for creating jobs and churches in the developing world. I imagined with God creating jobs, churches, and meeting basic needs in the same region, at the same time; I envisioned what locals being empowered to transform their communities could look like.


    On the second day of fall this year, we launched our online fair trade store. Through our store, we're funding the work of artisans and job creation in KenyaUgandaHaiti, and Zambia, and soon many other countries. In addition, life transformation around the world will happen through any additional funds product sales generate


    Soon, we will announce our first holistic regional transformation project. I can't wait to tell you about it, but we have to take care of a few final details first. Thank you for your prayer and support.


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