Give Marty Mitchell a Birthday Gift: Donate to Water in Bihar, India

  • This year, for my birthday on March 15th, I have decided to challenge my friends to help me finance the digging of a fresh water well in India. I am doing this through Jesus' Economy. I raise the money and they dig the well in a village where fresh water isn't available. So if you are interested in helping me by donating a couple of bucks to the project and in doing so, wishing me a happy birthday, I would much appreciate it. 

    It only costs $1,000 to provide up to 2,000 people with access to clean water. 100% of your donation will go toward drilling a water well in Bihar, India, every last penny.

  • A bore well has the capacity to provide up to 2,000 people with clean water who would not have access otherwise. It also prevents water-borne illnesses. Water-borne illnesses are a leading cause of death in Bihar, India. You can do something about it.


    Jesus’ Economy’s partner, Transformation India Movement, has already drilled over 900 wells. Each well requires an application process where key community members collectively sign that they would like a well. The application process is coordinated by church planters. You can partner with the people asking for clean water by providing the funding.


    This will be one of 18 water wells that are part of Jesus' Economy's Renew Bihar, India project.

  • Jesus' Economy creates jobs and churches in the developing world, as well as meets basic needs—resulting in a new global, spiritual and physical economy for those that need it most. As a a non-profit charitable organization, which lives by principles, Jesus' Economy provides an online fair trade store and initiates holistic regional transformation projects. Learn more about Jesus' Economy here.


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