Renew an Entire Community: Renew Bihar, India


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Renew Hope, Hearts, and Homes

Renew an extremely poor region of India where few have heard of Jesus

John here, founder of Jesus' Economy. In northeast India, in a state called Bihar, I experienced unimaginable poverty and was shocked to learn how many people had never heard of Jesus. A woman looked in my eyes and requested prayer for her family because she didn't know where their next meal would come from. I saw life enter people's eyes when they learned of Jesus for the first time. I witnessed the hope that a water well can bring to a community. And now I cannot rest until Bihar is renewed.

Join us in creating jobs, planting churches, and meeting basic needs. Renew Bihar.

Provide Access to the Gospel, Empower the Impoverished

In an impoverished rural village, I met a woman who had once suffered from severe depression. She had never heard of Jesus until a church planter came to town. She decided to take a risk and explain to him her difficulty. As the church planter prayed for her, she was filled with joy. Her father later asked what had changed in her life; she quietly said, "Jesus" and told him the story. The father insisted the church planter come over for dinner. Half way through dinner, the father asked if the planter would be willing to pray for his cow who had been ill. He noted that other "priests" had prayed for the cow to no avail. The planter agreed to pray, laying hands on the animal that provided nourishment for the family. The cow was immediately made well. A few days later, the father invited the planter back and said, "I want to know this Jesus." Now, the church meets in the man's household.

You can be a part of creating stories like this one. Join us in renewing Bihar.

100% of Your Donations Go to India

Every dollar you give to renewing Bihar, India will go straight to India. Your donation will be used to create jobs, plant churches, and meet basic needs. In partnership with a well-established organization in India, we're planting churches, providing microloans and business training for impoverished women, and drilling water wells. The goal on this page represents what's still needed to launch the empowering women program and fund four church planters for another year, the next phase of this project. Together, we can spiritually and physically transform Bihar.

Bihar, India is one of the most impoverished place in the world, where few have heard the name of Jesus. You can change that.

How We're Renewing Bihar

Empowering Women via Business
  • Providing for families through business training
  • Teaching 40 oppressed women how to utilize seamstress skills to develop high-quality products
  • Facilitating the selling of fair trade products from women in Bihar in the U.S.
  • Providing microloans to women who desire to expand their businesses
Providing Access to the Gospel
  • Bringing the gospel to unreached people groups
  • Creating churches by funding 4 indigenous church planters
  • Training church planters and providing ongoing accountability

Meeting Basic Needs

  • Spreading the news of "the living water," Jesus, by providing clean water
  • Drilling 4 water wells for those without access to clean water

You Can Be Part of Renewing Lives

Share Jesus with those who have never heard his name.

Alleviate poverty through effective community development efforts.

Empower oppressed women to provide for their households via business.

Bring clean water to those who desperately need it.

Renew Bihar, India is an initiative of Jesus' Economy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Bring the Whole Gospel to the Ends of the Earth

Bihar, India absolutely broke me. I have never seen so much pain, yet so many miracles and hope. The hope of the pastors there prompted me to follow Jesus closer than ever before. The power of God to transform lives there called me to a greater faith. And the poverty there, combined with the knowledge of how many people still haven’t heard of Jesus, prompted me to recommit my life to serving the poor and spreading the gospel. This is an opportunity to bring the whole gospel, in word and deed, to one of the last unreached people groups. Please join me.


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