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Selling Our Stuff to Follow Jesus

John here, founder of Jesus' Economy. Four years ago, God called Kalene and I to start Jesus' Economy with just the money in our bank account and the time we could volunteer. This journey has been personal and painful, but also wonderful. Now, God has asked us to leave a great job, sell all of our stuff (including our house), and follow him. We now serve as both executives for Jesus' Economy and missionaries equipping the church. Please join us: pray for us and fiscally support our missionary efforts.

Missionaries Equipping Your Church

To transform the North American church, Jesus' Economy has launched Resurrect Church Movement: a group of missionaries equipping the North American church to alleviate poverty and provide access to the gospel. After four years of volunteering our time, Kalene and I are going to work full-time for Jesus' Economy as its executives and as the first missionaries for Resurrect Church Movement.

But we need funding to get started. That is where you come in.

We Can Do This, but Only with You

We are beginning this journey by connecting personally with our donors and partners around the U.S. We're equipping people in North America to alleviate poverty and provide access to the gospel in their communities. We're also getting people more involved with our Renew Bihar, India project. In addition, we are discerning where the first Resurrect Church Movement project will be and setting a goal to launch a Jesus' Economy tour. We are also focused on expanding our fair trade partnerships so that we can create more jobs for those living in extreme poverty.

In every aspect of our lives, we are functioning as modern-day missionaries.

Who We Are

Kalene Barry, A Woman on a Mission
  • Chief Projects Officer for Jesus' Economy
  • Previously a Worship Director and Youth Minister 
  • Formerly a Technical Recruiter and Grant Analyst
  • Co-Founder of a parachurch ministry 
  • Passionate bringer of beauty and truth to this world
John D. Barry, Speaking Truth to the Nations
  • Overcame a severe speech impediment by God's power
  • International Speaker and Author/coauthor of 12 books
  • General Editor of Faithlife Study Bible and Lexham Bible Dictionary
  • Founding Publisher of Lexham Press and former Editor of Bible Study Magazine
  • Former President of a church plant

The Resurrect Church Movement Model

Reach new people with the gospel via house-church networks.

Alleviate poverty through effective community development efforts.

Empower people to live for Jesus via mentorship programs.

Connect North American churches to church planters who are bringing the gospel to unreached people groups.

Provide churches with temporary skilled missionaries to make all this happen, and then hand if off to local leadership.

Resurrect Church Movement is a division of Jesus' Economy, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

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