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Provide Access to the Gospel in Bihar

In Bihar, India, people are hearing the gospel for the first time from church planter Veer. Carrying forward the ministry of former Jesus' Economy church planter, Vinod, Veer is bringing the gospel to unreached villages, as well as pastoring the churches Vinod formerly served.

Help create churches and provide access to the gospel by sponsoring Veer. Veer's sponsorship is part of the Renew Bihar, India project.

Providing Access to the Gospel

Veer spent six years in theological training before starting work as a church planter in Northeast India. Veer regularly visits five different villages to share the gospel. During just his first few months of sponsorship, he has reached more than 600 people and eight of them have said they believe in Jesus and joined the house churches he pastors. Veer is working in the same region that Jesus' Economy previously drilled a water well (pictured here).

Designed with Sustainability in Mind

After Vinod left the church planting program of Jesus' Economy, an interim church planter filled in. Veer was then appointed as the long-term planter in Vinod's former region. Veer is receiving Vinod's third year of sponsorship.

The goal on this page represents the cost of sponsoring Veer's efforts for one year. This will be the fourth year of sponsorship planned for his region. It's our hope that Veer's efforts will be self-sustaining after five to six years of sponsorship.

How Jesus Transformed Veer's Life

Veer grew up in a nominally Christian household, but with a prayerful mother. The religiosity of the majority of his household had little effect on Veer, but his mother never stopped praying. Veer spent his early years without peace, as he made the wrong kind of friends and developed bad habits. When a pastor came to his house, Veer felt convicted and later that night he fully committed his life to Jesus. This belief brought him peace and he decided to start attending church regularly. Christian community helped him combat his bad habits and Christ transformed his life. He was baptized in 2008 and then started Bible training.

Veer wants to be able to bring peace to others’ lives but can’t do this without you. Come alongside Veer and his ministry by supporting him in prayer and giving.

Learn more about Bihar, India and our life transformation efforts there:


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